kelly-segre-amtrak-strangers-on-a-train-61A June 04

Strangers On A Train – A Live Documentary Photo Project

Be part of a live documentary photography project August 31st – September 14th 2015 On August 31st, 2015 Gré will board an Amtrak train for 15 days (getting off at only a few selected spots to rest and switch trains). While on the train Gré will be documenting “Strangers On A Train” for over 6000 […]

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Strangers On A Train May 30

Support Other Artists

It’s been a hard week for the photography world. We lost the amazing Mary Ellen Mark, who I had previously put on my list of 99 Photographers (who photograph people) I love.  I was fortunate enough to hear her speak at the Palm Springs Photo Festival less than a month ago where she shared her new […]

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free-boudoir-session-california-los-angeles February 20

Weekly Giveaway!

Starting this week we will be doing a weekly giveaway via Instagram (we will also post details here) We are giving away a free boudoir session or print via instagram! Here are the details…to be eligible to win you must • Follow us at @theboudoirplace on instagram • Repost the image posted below, with @theboudoirplace […]

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marriage-equality-gay-lgbt-intimate-portrait-film August 08

The Importance of Personal Projects

Personal projects have literally saved me from going crazy. In my early years of turning my love of photography into a business it was new and exciting. There was plenty of things to learn and plenty of time to be creative. As the business grew I found my love of photography was dimensioning. Something I […]

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the-incomplete-self-art-photography-fim-kelly-segre May 15

Narcissism In The Photographic World

In the early 1950’s Magnum Photographer Robert Capa came up with the term Generation X , which was a title of a photo essay he had about young men and women growing up immediately after World War II. To quote Capa he said “We named this unknown generation, The Generation X, and even in our first enthusiasm we […]

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boudoir-critique-tips-resources-photography April 30

Double Critique Day! Sarah Hunter

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks….which is good in terms of work and bad in terms of keeping up with the blog! Because of that I am doing critiques of two photographers this week, Sarah Hunter & Elijah Vincente (see previous post)! First up we have  Sarah Hunter! You can see more of her work at! […]

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caroline April 30

Critique Wednesday – Elijah Vincente

This week my critique is of Elijah Vincente!  You can see more of his work on his facebook page at! My goal with my idea of critique images every week is to help give other photographs unbiased insight on their own images. I’d love this to grow, so if you are willing to be the next […]

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fashion-the-boudoir-place-portrait-photography April 09

Critique Wednesday – Jason Flynn Photography

This week we have a fashion / portrait image! Jason Flynn is our photographer this week who is willing to have me critique one of his images! You can see more of his work on his work on his website at My goal with my idea of critique images every week is to help give other photographs unbiased […]

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lighting-fashion-los-angeles-boudoir-photography-canon-hollywood-center-pictage April 09

The Intimate Side of Portrait & Fashion Photography – Free Event

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at The New Canon Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center. 6060 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA The Intimate Side Of Portrait & Fashion Photography At this free presentation speaker Kelly Segré will talk about how to build a rapport with your subjects and give a lighting demonstration of 4 simple setups […]

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horst-boudoir-stalkings-fashion April 03

Re-Post – 99 Photographers (who photograph people) I love…

A few years back I posted a list of 99 photographers that inspire me on my personal blog. Since it’s one of my favorite blog post I figured I’d share it here! Also if there are any other photographer’s you feel should be added to the list feel free to list them in the comment […]

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