Setting The Mood

Setting the mood.  There are so many ways to do this for your clients.  Music seems to be the biggest and best way to set the tone for your shoot.  If you have a specific time frame you are shooting in a playlist is the best way to make sure you are running on time.  Pick out just enough songs so that the music will stop just before your time is up.  This way you know you only have a few minutes left and you can get that last look you still need to get!

Some clients like to bring in wine or some other alcohol to help “loosen them up”, that is not always the best idea.  Sure a glass of wine might help but sleepy drunk eyes are not sexy, so be sure that if they are drinking that they don’t over do it!  It’s also a good idea NOT to supply any alcoholic beverages, you wouldn’t want to be responsible if they had a little too much and decided to try and drive home!  And if they are wanting to bring their own, you should ask them if they have someone picking them up after the shoot just so everyone has a safe, enjoyable time!

The other thing you can do to help set the mood is be in a good mood yourself!  An upbeat personality and a smile is always the best way to start a session!  Sure, sometimes our equipment might not be working properly but we have to remember to not show our stress to our clients!  They will automatically think it’s them we are scowling at, not our gear!

It should be a fun memorable experience for all, just remember, if you’re having a good time and enjoying the day your clients probably are too!

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