Building Confidence In Clients

Photographs by gré – Kelly Segré

Many of your potential clients may not even know what a boudoir session is.  You may even have current portrait or wedding clients who have never even thought about having “sexy” photos taken of themselves.  So when your clients ask you about your services what would you tell them about boudoir?

You could say that boudoir photos are tasteful and can have a sexy, a playful, a sultry, a seductive mood to them, or a combination of them all!  Each and every person has their own comfort level, some are very modest while others might need to tone it down a little.  The most important part is to always let your client know that they are in charge of their own comfort level.  You can be sexy, fun and flirty while still maintaining your own personal comfort level.  Remember!  Sexy is in the eye of the beholder!

How do you build confidence in your clients?  Once you book your client they tend to be a little nervous, some are just plain scared!  How do you get them to relax?  Hair and make up!  There are salons, make up counters and several free lance make up artists you can call on to help you out.  I would recommend having one in house, either in your studio or wherever you are photographing the session.  It is so easy to build a good report with your client when they are in the make up chair.  They are comfortable and it feels fun, like a spa day!   It’s also important to remind your client that the make up is being applied for photography and it may look a little different than if they were having it done to go out on the town!

Just because most women do not have the bodies of fashion models does not mean they cannot have sexy and outright gorgeous photos taken of themselves!  It is the photographer’s job to understand lighting techniques and have some poses to show them so they can feel confident and sexy no matter what part of their body they may be a little self conscious about.

Some studios offer wardrobe for their clients while others require their clients to bring in their own.  Most studios prefer to have their clients bring in their own wardrobe, this way everything is set to their comfort level before they even walk through the door!  And it’s not a guessing game as to what will fit and what will not!  There is nothing worse than lingerie that just doesn’t fit right!

When it comes to retouching we all do it differently and there is no right or wrong way.  The best advice is to show what you can do and what you want to do as a photographer.  If your website has images where you spent hours working in post production then your client will be expecting that as well.  Show what you want to shoot!

There are some things that we already as photographers but it is a good thing to tell our clients.  First it’s about trust!  If they don’t want you to show their photos on your blog or on your webiste then respect it!  These are your clients, they are paying you and these photos are for them first.  If they have questions about nudity be up front and honest.  Some photographers do not wish to shoot nudes and some clients do not wish to be photographed in the nude.  Both are okay and neither the client nor the photographer should put themselves in a situation where anyone is uncomfortable.  Be up front and honest, this makes for a happy client and a happy photographer!  Also remember to remind your client to wear loose clothing and nothing that will leave marks on their skin.  Nobody wants to retouch bra marks on a bare back or sock marks around the ankles!

This is potentially the most important part, talk to your client!  They are putting their trust in you to make them look fabulous!  It can be nerve-racking for them. If a client tells you over the phone that they are super excited but totally terrified about the session. laugh with them and let them know that they are going to love it!  Your confidence shines through and the more you laugh and have fun with them the more fun they have.  This is a fun session for both the photographer and the client, after all, isn’t that what we all want to have at work,  just a little fun?

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