Do Boudoir Workshops Really Help?

There are so many workshops for photographers available today, everything from online courses, boudoir workshops and even Playboy style workshops to choose from. The first thing you should probably consider is look at the style of photography the instructor is teaching, if there are multiple instructors look at all of their work and really ask yourself if this is your style.

Does the workshop focus on shooting? Booking new clients? Does it teach you the business side of things? There are some aspects of boudoir that everyone may not be good at. Someone may be great at marketing him or herself but they might not be the right person to teach you lighting and posing. The first thing to tell yourself when looking into workshops is “don’t believe the hype”. Just because there may be a buzz surrounding someone’s new workshop does not mean it is the greatest thing for you. It might be perfect for others, but you should be focusing on your business!

Maybe you are looking into a shooting workshop, you should ask yourself how many models are going to be there for you to photograph and how many photographers is it limited to? If this is a large workshop with several photographers, some of whom may be from your area do you want them to have the same models in their portfolio as the models that are in your portfolio? And then they will also be photographed in the same lighting. This doesn’t do much for showcasing your own personal style unless this is a type of lighting you really wanted to learn and put on your website.

Now a workshop can help you get your business off the ground as well. If you have never photographed a boudoir session before a workshop is a great way to get your feet wet! You will have the support of other professional photographers who will be there to answer all of your questions and even help you with posing and coming up with ideas.

Once you learn the techniques you want to learn the best way to retain the information is to find a model to photograph. This can be a friend, family member or there are several networking sites where you can find a model to pose for you too. Select your location and practice the techniques you just learned, this will give you original images for your portfolio with a different model!

The best way to decide on a workshop is to really do the research on your end. Some of these workshops can be very expensive and only you can decide if it is worth the money.

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  1. Leona Schmidt says:

    There are so many great workshops for boudoir photographers out there, The LAST thing you should consider is the style of photography the instructor is teaching, You should workshop to expand you knowledge and techniques…If you spend you time and effort with people like you…how will you get to be a better image maker…can the instructor teach you new techniques that add value to what you offer clients…

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