Getting Started In Boudior Photography

Boudoir photography has become really popular over the past couple of years. More and more women are sharing their boudoir photos with their friends on several different social networking sites. This creates a demand for this type of photography. So if you are considering getting started here are some tips for you to help you figure out where to begin.

It is hard to sell a product if you cannot show it. You must first find some people to step in front of your camera, the first place to look is among your friends. This is not always the best resource as your friends might not want to be featured on your website for all the rest of your friends to see! There are networking sites like Model Mayhem where you can find models in your area. If you want an experienced model you might have to pay them but there are several models who are just starting out who may be willing to pose for you for free in exchange for pictures to use in their portfolio. This can be a good learning experience for both of you!

The next thing to figure out is how you want to shoot. If you live in a nice climate and you can always depend on the sun to be there then natural light is definitely an option for you. There are several lighting options for you to choose from and natural light is by far the most common as it is available to everyone and it’s free!

If you do not have a studio or a space to shoot in there are several photographers who rent nice hotel rooms to hold their sessions in. Hotel rooms usually have large windows and they do not have the clutter that someone may have if you choose to shoot in their home.

Before you get to your shoot you should make up a shot list to go by. This way it helps you stay focused and get the shots you really want for your portfolio. It is really easy to get distracted on your first few shoots but do your best to remember all the little details. Be sure to watch the wardrobe, look for twisted straps, tags on the lingerie (which should be cut off before you shoot) and even stray hairs. By having a shot list you can set up the shot while looking at all of the little details and now you are no longer worried about posing the model. Once you have all of the shots on your list then it’s time to play around a little. Get creative, let your model come up with some poses of her own. Make this a fun learning experience.

There are several photographers who choose to have a separate site for their boudoir clients. Creating a whole new brand and only showing boudoir work on a website can really showcase your work and it also directly markets it to a client who is looking to hire a boudoir photographer!

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