We have all probably heard of this phrase before, keep it simple stupid! What does it mean exactly? It means don’t over do it, stick to what you know and there is no need to over analyze or try to do too much.

How to keep it simple, start with your gear and go from there. A camera body and just a couple of lenses is all you really need to get started, as a matter of fact there are several super experienced pros who only bring 3 prime lenses to a Boudoir shoot! The most common are the 50mm, 85mm, 100mm and 135mm, these are all traditional portrait lenses and have the least amount of distortion which is something to consider when photographing people. The simplest set up is a body and a 50mm lens, you will be amazed at the variety of images and angles you can get with just this one lens!

Both of the images in this blog were taken using window light and prime lens…how much more simple can you get!

Now that the gear is out of the way, how else can you keep it simple? Natural light is the easiest, most available and least expensive light source for your photography. It is also extremely flattering to the skin, which is a huge plus in boudoir photography!

With a simple set up and using natural light now you can concentrate on the emotion and playfulness of your subject, whether it is a model or a friend or an actual client, your attention is on them!

Keep only the best images on your website or blog, we do not need to see all of the images from a shoot, we only need to see the best ones. Just like anything else, show what you want to shoot and showcase your favorite images.

Keeping it simple is just one more way of running and maintaining a successful boudoir business!

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