The Importance of Pro Hair and Make Up!

Photography by gré – Kelly Segré, Make Up & Hair By Kathleen Ty

Getting a professional hair and makeup artist for your boudoir sessions might seem like a hassle or even seem like it will cost you more than it is worth. But in reality, when you take a closer look there are quite a few reasons professional hair and make up is an important aspect to every boudoir session!


Ladies love getting pampered. It is in the DNA! It feels special to get your hair and make up done by a professional because it takes the stress away from something women have to do everyday for themselves! A pampered client is a relaxed client!

So now that you’ve pampered your client what is the result? You just made your clients feel sexy even before they get in front of the camera. They’re excited, anxious, and ready to be “models” for you. Not only does this make them lovely to photograph because of the confidence they feel, but also it creates a memorable, fun experience that will emotionally attach an even greater value to your photographs.


We all know that it is best to spend as little time as possible in post-production. This is why we spend time (and money) on lighting and also posing people properly! When your client looks their best before the shoot this will surely cut down on your post-production time.

Professional make up smooths and evens the skin, which in turn minimizes your post production time! Another thing to remember is if you have a professional makeup artist they can do your clients makeup specifically for a photo shoot and not just for a night out. Most of your clients do not know how their makeup should look for photography and if they do it themselves it might not translate well in a photograph. We pride ourselves on being professional photographers, so we should surround ourselves with other professionals as well!


Getting a professional hair and makeup artist does not have to be complicated. Simply calculate how much it would cost and include it in your price. Don’t forget to advertise that your sessions include professional hair and makeup! This is a perfect way to make your clients feel like they’re getting more for their money and in reality they are, because you can really take the best photographs of them when they are looking so gorgeous!

What you should be trying to create is an experience for your client unlike any other. To be pampered by your own private team of professionals adds value to the products you offer. Additionally, having your own team can also create consistency with the look and feel of your photography! So for example if you are pin up photographer, in order to achieve the appropriate look…the right hair & make up artist could be crucial to the final image!

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