11 Steps for Prepping Your Clients for their Boudoir Session!

Photographs provided by MoscaPhoto

How do you prep your clients for their boudoir session? Here are some tips to help you guide your clients with their boudoir session.  Everyone seems to have a top 10 list so this one will go to 11!

1.  Collect magazines for your clients to look at in your studio.  If you are a photographer who shoots mini-sessions or group sessions this could help you move along at a good pace.  And since it’s your studio you can hand pick the magazines that show the styles you want to shoot, this way when a client selects a photo from one of the magazines it’s something that you already love to shoot as well!

2.  Have a variety of packages.  Not everyone can afford the same package so make sure you have something for everyone.  One way to have a “budget” package is to have fewer edits included, this way you do not miss out on a potential client!  Plus, if they love your work they can always purchase more edits!

3.  Just say no to spray tans!!!  Please tell your clients that orange is not sexy!  Having a tan can look great, but do not spray tan or go to the tanning bed right before your shoot.  Let your tan fade just a little to let you have a more natural look, plus it lets any tan lines fade just enough!

4.  Preparation and taking care of your skin!  This kind of goes along with no spray tans but there is more to think about.  Moisturize!  Let your clients know that when they shower just to pat the skin dry and then use lots of baby oil!  It will absorb into their skin and be as smooth as can be!  Also, wear loose clothing before the shoot!

5.  Get a mani and pedi!  Their hands and feet are going to be in the shots too!  Sexy lingerie and dirty nails just do not go together!

6.  Make it personal!  Find out what your client’s significant other just loves about their body!  Maybe it’s something obvious like “he’s a butt guy” or maybe it’s something like he loves it when she wears his t-shirt and nothing else or loves the curve of her back.  Personal is sexy!

7.  Music!  Music can set the mood and get the party started!  It’s also a great timer for you if your client has booked a session with a limited time.  You can set a playlist to the time allotted for the session this way your client can get her groove on and you won’t have to watch the clock!  When the music is over the session is too!

8. If they’re nervous tell them to bring a friend!  A friend does not have to participate but they can be a great support system!  Everyone needs a cheering section every now and then.  Plus once the session is over the friend just might turn into your next client!

9.  Send them shopping!  Nothing is more excited then new lingerie!  Send them to your favorite boutique, if you can make friends with a local lingerie boutique that is even better because they will have nothing but wonderful things to say about you and this makes your client love you even more!

10  Scent of a woman!  Make sure your studio or hotel room or wherever you are shooting smells great!  But make sure it’s not too strong, subtle scents are best, natural scents like vanilla or coffee or even cookie dough are always a winner, they make people smile.

11.  Get them excited!  Your client is probably going to be a little nervous and maybe on the anxious side.  When they walk in the door you should have a great smile waiting for them and be excited for them while still understand the feelings they are going through.  Also make sure you let them know how wonderful they look.  Look at the wardrobe they brought, talk about the shoot and treat it like a slumber party, just be one of the girls!

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