Can Men be Boudoir Photographers?

photographs and article by Jim Minics

Simple answer, yes they can! With boudoir photography becoming so popular and with more and more women becoming photographers it makes sense that many of the boudoir clients out there seek out female photographers. But there are those out there who prefer a certain style over the gender of the photographer. I found by having a specific style to my boudoir photography I have been attracting clients who automatically trust what I do and want what I do for themselves!

The first piece of advice I would give to other male photographers is to get a female assistant if you do not have one already. A female assistant can do all sorts of things we just cannot do. They can touch them (always with permission) to help them pose, fix the lingerie in hard to reach places or adjust their hair while the client might not be wearing anything at all. It is just a great way to avoid any potentially awkward situations.

Boudoir sessions can be downright scary to some clients, no matter how excited they are to have their photo taken this way. Guys, don’t be afraid to demonstrate posing to them. I usually say if I can do it so can they! Also remember, these women are not models, they do not have the experience in front of a camera and usually are not 100% comfortable with their bodies, or even aware of how to move, so take time to show them how to pose.

Another thing to remember is to never tell your female client “you look hot”, not only is this cliché but there are so many other ways of telling a woman she looks great. One is by simply saying, “you look great” compliment her without sexualizing it! Basically, just find other adjectives for the word “hot”.

Do not be afraid to get in touch with your feminine side! Talk with your client and more importantly, listen to your client! There are times when the first 10 minutes of a session I will take only a hand full of shots because I am listening to what my client has to say, this allows me to learn more about them and really bring out the personality they have in the photographs. It’s also a great way to warm them up if they are a little slow getting into the shoot.

At the end of the day boudoir is still portrait photography. If you are comfortable with what you are photographing it shows in your work and your clients will definitely notice!

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  1. mewithmycamera says:

    beautiful photos, good topic

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