Closing the deal!

Photography by MoscaPhoto

Our last post was on sales, since then we have been asked about how to close the deal and get the clients in the door!  What if a potential client is a little hesitant about having boudoir photos taken?  How do you convince them to book a session with you?

The most important thing you can do is to look at it from the client’s point of view.  Obviously they are not super confident and may feel really intimidated to put themselves in front of a photographer’s camera.  Start off by making them comfortable.  Sometimes it is as simple as letting them know they don’t have to get naked!  A boudoir session is about showing off how you feel about yourself and how you see yourself!

What if they are self concious about the way they look?  Well, boudoir may not be for everyone but anyone can have a boudoir session!  You are a professional photographer, it is up to you to let your client know how you make everyone look fabulous! Let them know about lighting techniques, knowing how to pose them in flattering ways and really just reassure them that they are going to look great!  The easiest way to make your clients want to book you is to build trust in them!

Once you get them to say yes you now have to make sure you get them in the door!  Boudoir is one of those things that people will (and do) chicken out of!  The best way to make sure they show up is to get a deposit!  This may sound simple and some may say that a deposit might scare them off but if they really want it and they are serious, your client will have no problem putting down a deposit to save their date with you!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. madryy says:

    I want to have a boudoir photo session! 😉

  2. I love your photos, great ideas as well, thanks for sharing.

  3. Adita says:

    Great read! My problem is not that they are apprehensive about their self esteem its the fee that makes my clients think twice. How do I get them to realize the cost of custom photography is not that of a chain store?

    1. Kelly Segre says:

      @Adita in our last post about sales we discussed how sometimes the structure of your packaging & pricing can really improve your sales. I know that with my business I have a base package which literally only includes the sitting fee and professional hair & make up. This way they are getting something (hair & make up), but it gives me the opportunity to sell additional prints, books, or a disc of the images. This way there is not an initial shock with the pricing.

  4. Olympia says:

    Terrific article – I also found the responses very useful, thank you Kelly.

    Keep it coming!

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