Options and Alternatives

Photographs by Jim Minics

As photographers we all tend to get tired of the same old thing.  Repetition is something we love because of the results but it’s lack of creatively is something that can really make us burn out fast!  So how do you keep from “burning out”?

The word boudoir is French for “Bedroom”.  So we automatically think we need to shoot on a bed, in a hotel room, or in a studio designed to look like a bedroom.  This does not always have to be the case!  Change it up!  Boudoir is a feeling your clients should have about themselves.  Maybe you have a client who would like to photographed at the beach or in a field.  If you live in farm country you can use an old barn, a tractor, a horse… the list just keeps going! No matter where you are from you can add in elements of fashion, glamour, or anything you see in magazines to your boudoir sessions. A lot of men’s magazines have been shooting images like this for years, they can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to finding new locations.

A big trend lately has been outdoor boudoir.  Summer is almost over so it would be a great way to end your summer by letting your clients show off their beach body!  There are always enough locations with an element of privacy to shoot at, remember, they do not have to get nude for a shoot like this!  And if nude is what they want then you really should look into private property!

Maybe your client will not feel comfortable out in the open and they want something inside and private?  If this is the case you can still have them bring in their beach wear and set up some simple props like pool toys and floating devices.

Bottom line is that you can always change things up a little!  Boudoir does not have to be just about lingerie, sometimes a white t-shirt and cotton panties could be the sexiest thing your client could ever own!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. 4m4nd4j4yne says:

    Great ideas, excellent photos, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Olympia says:

    Great post! And a great reminder to keep it interesting. 🙂 Love it, keep them coming…

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