What makes YOU different?

When you are meeting with or communicating with a perspective client how do you stand apart from other photographers?  We all like to think that it is our work that makes us stand apart, and in some cases this is 100% true!  But what about the un-educated client?  A client who has no idea what the difference is between a boutique studio, fine art photographer or a chain photography studio who specializes in everything.  How do we educate them and stand apart from the competition?

The first step is show them your work.  If they fall in love with your work you will already have your foot in the door to closing the deal.  If they like it but do not understand why your prices are higher than the photography chain in the strip mall then you really need to explain the difference is you!  Think about how much time you spend with your clients, from the moment they contact you, letting them know about wardrobe, hair and make up and all that will go into their shoot.  Your client receives individual attention and each photo session is unique in it’s own way.  Yes you have certain poses that look great on everyone, but you also tailor each photo session to the individual.  It is the difference in fine dining and fast food.  Yes, they both fill you up, but one definitely tastes much better!  It is important to let them know you are not a “cookie cutter” studio.  Every session is it’s own and they will receive individual attention from start to finish and this will show in the final product!

Try to leave the technical out when showing clients your work.  Photographers love to talk technique, lighting, gear and all of that stuff.  Our clients usually do not have a clue as to what camera we are using, where our studio lights came from or the difference between f/1.2 and f/16!  So please leave this out!  Talk about the why of your images and not the how.  Talk with emotion and how this is an intimate session and how your clients were feeling, even it is a funny story about the photo you are showing them.  When you talk about each client in your portfolio it shows a personal connection and that you were paying attention!  People like to talk, if we listen to them they will tell us what they want which allows us to offer it to them.

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  1. Olympia says:

    The last sentence in this article was the most poignant to me… and hit home… Thank you for the reminder.. 🙂

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