But this one is Juuust Right!

Getting the most from your client can sometimes be difficult especially if you are just starting out in this business.  A nervous client can make your head spin if you are not ready for all of the doubts they may have in their heads!  To be ready to conquer all of your client’s fears you must first set up a boudoir friendly space.  If your client is coming to you with their hair and make up already done from a salon then they may already be excited but remember, your shooting space is a new environment.  So even if they were and prepped by a great hair and make up team they may feel a little on their own by the time they get to you.

You should set the mood by first having a cozy space, if it’s cold out make sure it is nice and warm in your studio.  Think of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, you want your room to be just right!  Music always works, if you don’t know what your client likes, just play some of your favorites and have it playing before they come in!

Compliments, real compliments, work wonders.  If someone has great hair let them know, if they have gorgeous eyes or flawless skin, let them know!  And keep talking about it!  Everyone likes to hear compliments, and if they hear them enough they will also start believing in themselves a little more.  Also talk to them, find out what they are interested in or what activities they have done in the past.  Sometimes you will find out they have a dance background, this way you can incorporate more of who they are into the photos you take.

In this line of work we are more than photographers, we are confidants, these women put themselves in front of us to bring out the best in them.  It is our job to help them realize that it was always there inside of them, we are just here to help them bring it out in themselves.

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