Shadows are Sexy!

As photographers we are always thinking about light, but sometimes we forget about the shadows!  It is like tunnel vision for a photographer, we think to ourselves about lighting the background, lighting our clients, we will ask ourselves “is everything lit properly?”

Sometimes if you work with only one light you will force yourself to also work and deal with the shadows.  Shadows can add mood and ambiguity to an image.  They are also great at hiding any trouble spots some of our clients may have.  If you focus on using one light to light up their assets and use the shadows to hide something your client may want to keep unseen by anyone.  This does not mean only using shadows to hide a “flaw” your client may  have or feel they have.  This means using shadows to hide part of the body, adding mystery to a photo can make it all that more sexy!

Play around with one light or even natural light and watch the shadows.  Instead of having your subject right up against the window, back them off a little and watch how the shadows become softer. You will see how they wrap around your client, and change your angle too, nobody says you cannot shoot from the shadow side, not just the lit side!

Explore and play around with light and shadows, you may find something new you love that you may have never thought about before!

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  1. alphonso grose says:

    your pictures are well wicked one day i would to shoot like this

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