Cute & Sexy Boudoir

Boudoir photography is actually portrait photography.  We sometimes forget this as photographers and we will try to make it look like fashion or what we see in magazines.  Other times we will want it to be all serious and sensual.  Magazines can be a great source of inspiration for you and for your clients (which is why you should have magazines with photos you love in your studio or wherever it is you are shooting.  You can even bring your own to a hotel room!  Just remember, this is portraiture and we must take our clients into account when thinking about how we shoot.  It is our job to guide them, not dictate what they should do.

Some of us do have a certain style, but to be perfectly honest not all women are going to work with our individual styles.  You may look at one of your clients and say to yourself, “wow, this woman is amazing!”  But she may not like the way she looks when she is serious, or maybe if she is doing this session for her significant other they may like her smiling and just acting cute.  Figuring out what your client’s personality is might not happen until they actually step in front of your camera, no matter how much you talk with them before the shoot.  This is why it is so important to be ready for anything!

So this is just a little reminder that cute can be sexy too!  A smile is the best way to attract someone, so why shouldn’t we photograph it?  Don’t be afraid to play around and get silly!  Get a feather pillow as a prop and cut a little hole in it so the feathers fly around (you can always stuff the feathers back in for the next session!)  Giant lollipops are always a good go-to for a prop, colorful cupcakes are too.  It may seem a little silly but your clients who want this style will love it!

So whether your client is fun & flirty, serious & sensual or just cute & sexy, remember that it is all about feeling great and having a blast during her boudoir session!

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