Models Vs. Clients

Photo by gré-Kelly Segré

There has been much debate about whether or not you should use models in your boudoir portfolio.  Some feel as though you should only show clients while some photographers will only show models.  There are of course others who will show a mixture of both.  So what works for you?

When a photographer chooses to only show models in their portfolio there are many different things this could say to a potential client.  It could mean that they do not show any of their clients online for privacy reasons, it can show off their creativity and what they are capable of as a photographer.  But the down side is that it could also look like they may not have any real clients.

When a photographer chooses to show only clients it also says something to a client.  The client can get a real feel for how you photograph “regular” women.  But they may also have concerns about ending up on your website without permission and what type of privacy do you offer?  Of course you will also get the clients who hope they end up on your website or blog!

The decision to work with models is totally up to you.  You may also find that a lot of your clients may not want to have their boudoir photos shared with the world.  You do not always get to pick which clients and which photos a client will allow you to put up on your website.  You will get to pick what you want when you work with a model.

This comes back to knowing what will work for you.  What works for someone else will not always work for you.  Figuring out what the terms of your boudoir business will be could take years, it could also be the very first thing you think of.  The best idea is to always keep an open mind.  If you only want to show clients then only show clients, there is no right or wrong.  The only time it might be wrong is if it is not working for you!

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