Mini Sessions

Photo by gré-Kelly Segré

With the economy the way it is there has been a big trend towards mini-sessions.  But what exactly are mini-sessions and how do we go about setting them up?  It doesn’t matter if you have a studio or shoot in a hotel room or even rent a house for the weekend, you can hold mini-sessions almost anywhere!

A mini-session is exactly what it sounds like, a smaller version of your regular boudoir session, less time, fewer products offered in a lower packaged and a lower sitting fee.  The idea behind a mini-session is to get new and return clients in the door!  There are different ways to set up your sessions, but one thing to consider is your own turn around time for your clients who come in for this session.  Here are some tips to help you have a faster turn around time so you do not get behind!

First, have your space set up ahead of time.  Keep it to only 3-4 sets maximum and do not stray from these sets!  If you try to get too creative it will cost you in the long run!  If you have your lighting set up on each set your post-production time will be cut way down.  Remember, these are smaller sessions and do not include the same amount of time you would normally have for each individual client.

Keep the sessions to 30 minutes!  If you have your sets all ready this should not be a problem to keep the session to this time frame.  This helps you not over shoot and you can let your clients know that they only have 30 minutes so they have limited wardrobe changes.

Keep it moving!  If you can offer hair and make up in your space set the appointment times for your hair and make up to take place while you are photographing another client!  If you have downtime you are cutting into your shooting time and cutting into your profits!

Have a great assistant.  You will need a go-to person for your day, someone who can answer questions about products and pricing, someone who can help cut out tags from the lingerie and someone who can also assist you with lighting and technical problems that could develop.  Another photographer is usually a great choice if you do not already have an assistant.

Figure out your costs!  If you offer hair and make up, have to rent a studio or hotel room or a private house and what you have to pay your assistant you must figure out how much all of that will cost you.   Once you determine your costs you can then determine your rate.  If you have hair and make up people, one way to cut down the costs is to ask them for a day rate instead of charging per person.  Really the hair and make up does not need to last all day and they will not need touch ups for a 30 minute session so ask them if they can give you a day rate.  Also really stress to them that they have to work on a timeline as this is going to be a long day and everyone needs to run on schedule!

The costs of mini-sessions vary, they can be offered anywhere from $75.00 per person to $350.00 per person or even more! It just depends on what you wish to offer with the mini-session package!  The whole idea is to offer a much more affordable sitting fee to get potential customers in the door.  This is one of the easiest ways to charge less and potentially make more!

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