Proofing your Boudoir Session

Photo Proofs by Jim Minics


There was a great question on our Facebook page today, it was a question about how you show your boudoir clients proofs?  There are several different methods, here are some that do work quite well.

The first thing you need to do is take a good look at how you shoot boudoir.  Are you someone who does a lot of post production?  Do your final images look very different from how you shoot in camera?  If this is the case you may wish to only show proofs that have been at least a little retouched, this way you are displaying the work you want your clients to see.  If you do this be sure to give a larger amount of proofs so that your client can then choose the ones they want to pick for themselves. This is more of a traditional portrait way of doing things.  It has worked for studios for years and is probably the most popular among photographers.

If your work is done mostly out of the camera then you can always run them quickly through a program like Lightroom or Aperture for a quick color correction or turning them black and white and give a lot of proofs for them to look at.  Definitely cull through them first, if you give them too many to look at it may take them a really long time to select their photos.  Sometimes when you give too many with online proofing your clients will often wait until the last-minute to order and if the holidays are coming up you may end up with more orders than you can handle at crunch time!

The last way to show proofs to your clients is to load them right away to your computer and have them pick their favorites right after the shoot.  There are some photographers who do this and their turn around time is amazingly fast!  This also works great with mini-sessions!  If your client only has a limited number of images they are allowed to select for retouching this is a great way to narrow them down fast!  Also, once they select the ones they want, and usually they will have a hard time narrowing it down, you can then upload the unedited ones for online proofing and let them know they can always choose more in the future to have retouched for your set rate!

There is no one sure way for everyone to proof their images.  A lot of this will come with trial and error and seeing what works best for you.  Your style of shooting is really what will dictate how you show your clients images.

We would love to hear how you do proofing for your clients!

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