Standing Out!

Photo by Jim Minics

With boudoir photography becoming so popular, standing out in your area is very crucial to making a living in your local market.  Not all boudoir clients are the same!  Some want more of a glamour look with a lot of photoshop and a soft glow to the images while others may want a very simple natural look.  Part of standing out is determining your own style.  But this is not possible in some parts of the country, in some areas you may need to develope several different styles and be able to shoot glamour portraits, fine art nudes, fashion style boudoir as well as the playful boudoir portraits we all love!

Knowing your market is the best way to begin to stand out.  If you are struggling to find out who your clients are and how to find them start close to you.  If you have a group of friends you can ask you should ask them if they were to have a boudoir session done, how would they want it to look?  Don’t ask them how they would want you to shoot them, you do not want them just telling you that your work is amazing, you need to find out what they would really want for themselves if you were not a photographer.  Do some research, go to your local lingerie boutique or yoga studio and ask questions, if anything you may find out about a new trend you didn’t know existed yet!

Going out and talking to people can be one of your greatest marketing tools!  This way you are not only letting everyone know, subtly, that you are a photographer, but you are getting to know people and they are getting to know you!  When people can put a face and a name together it is easy for them to remember you.  Face to face conversations should be one of the top things on your marketing list!

If you have a studio, have a “Lady’s Night” where you invite the owners of small businesses in for a networking party that isn’t so stiff.  If you do not have a studio maybe you can ask one of the local businesses to have it at their shop.  Tell them to invite some of their staff or close friends as well.  The idea is to have fun and get people to know who you are!  This may be harder than it seems, remember that these are also local business owners who work long hours and have families, so be sure to ask around and find out what times might work best for everyone.  The hard work will pay off in the long run!

Social networking is not just for the internet!  Boudoir photography is intimate photography, so start getting a little more intimate with your market and they just might get intimate with you!

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  1. Now going to a Yoga studio is a smart idea, I would have never thought of that! Thanks for the idea!!

  2. Kelly Segre says:

    Any small boutique that caters to women is a great resource to network with! Gyms, Bridal Stores, Boutique Clothing & Jewelry Stores, Dance Studios, Plastic Surgeons…the list can go on and on if you get creative!

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