Boudior Unlimited!

Photography by gré – Kelly Segré

The great thing about boudoir photography is that there are really no limitations!  We have all different types of clients simply because there are all different types of women!  There is such a wide range of emotion on the spectrum that you can literally change the feel of an image with simple subtle movements and looks.

For example, if you want to convey a “coy” look, bring the chin down a little and the eyes up, you can even add a little smile.  Same pose but with the eyes a little more serious it can become flirty.  All women hold different characteristics within themselves which they show throughout their day, our job is to bring out that emotion and sence of self which they all have inside!

One way to practice getting the looks out of your client is to practice on yourself in the mirror.  Photographers, especially in this line of work, really do have to know how to pose and better yet, have to know how to show their subjects how to pose!  If you are willing to express yourself in front of your client they will feel more comfortable expressing themselves in front of you!

Little things to remember, although they may sound simple, are things like the position of the hair or how the hair is flipped, play with it, let it fall in front of the face, or even have them push it in front of their face!  Bringing the chin up shows confidence, hands and fingers can say a lot!  Be sure the fingers are relaxed!  Relaxed fingers make your client look relaxed in the image, a balled up fist or stiff fingers can really take away from an otherwise great shot!  One way to get them to relax their fingers is to have them caress their arm or leg, think of a soft touch.

Closed eyes can add ambiguity to any image, it makes the viewer think “what is she thinking”.    There is nothing wrong with a little bit of mystery to boudoir images!

When in doubt, be goofy!  A playful fun attitude will exude the same from your client!  Boudoir sessions are meant to be fun, sexy, flirty, sensual and everything in-between!  From now on think of boudoir photography as being limitless!

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