Boudoir Challenges

Photography by gré-Kelly Segré

Boudoir photography is challenging enough but when a “monkey wrench” gets thrown into your path what do you do?  Being able to adapt is something that portrait photographers must be able to do and do quickly!  There are some times when, no matter how much you talk with a client beforehand or no matter how many emails you send, your client will change their mind about how they want to look or they show up looking nothing like the person they described themselves as.  There are a million different things that can go wrong and no two times will they even be alike!  So how do photographers dodge all of these curveballs that are thrown their way?

Practice is a great way to start!  Try something new at least once a week, if you’re used to shooting with 2 lights try 3 or 4 or none!  Step outside of your comfort zone at least once a week.  This way you will always have new ideas to share with your clients.

Another thing is to never think of these types of things as problems, think of them as challenges.  If you change your perspective of how you look at things it will sometimes make the solution all that much easier to come by.

Even though this is “Boudoir Photography” that doesn’t mean that they have to pose in lingerie.  They can pose in almost any type of wardrobe, this is about intimate portraits.  Sexy is a state of mind and if your client is doing this for their significant other, maybe he likes them in jeans and a t-shirt or his favorite outfit is her little black dress!  Do not let yourself fall into a box and think you can only shoot sexy lingerie (no matter how much fun it is!)

There will always be challenges to face when you are working with people.  The more prepared you are for those challenges the less your clients will notice the monkey wrench they’ve thrown at you.  It helps you keep your sanity and it maintains your client’s confidence!

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