Boudoir Photographer Gifts

Photos by gré-Kelly Segré

This time of year is the time of giving.  We give gifts to family and friends but what about ourselves?  Most of those who are close to us may not know all of the little technical gadgets we love so much!  Boudoir photographers (and pretty much every photographer) loves anything camera related.  So give yourself a gift that you know you will love and enjoy!

The instamatic craze is back!  And although Polaroid did stop making their film you can still get 600 and 1200 instamatic film from the Impossible Project.  Fuji also makes some great little instamatic cameras as well!  These may not have all of the bells and whistles of the cameras we use every day, but these little gems can often lead to something greater and be the inspiration behind a whole new style of work for you.

A gift to yourself does not have to be practical or even functional to your business, it is about the motivation and inspiration it will give you.  These little gifts remind you of why you are a photographer.  You may be just getting over your holiday rush and need to unwind, what a great way to remember that you love photography for yourself as well!

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