Happy Boudoir Holidays!

Photo by gré-Kelly Segré

Here are a few things to think of for the post holiday rush, remember, Valentine’s Day is less than 2 months away!

But before the rush, spend time with your family and friends.  Working and making money can be a wonderful thing, but having the time to spend it with loved ones is even better!  Take this time of year to remember the good in those around you and all of the good things you have learned this year.  Enjoy the downtime, if you have any, because next year you will be busy!

So now when you get back to work, here are some things to thing about.  People will be going on diets after the holidays.  This means you should be sure to get your business card or flyers up in gym’s, yoga studios, pole dancing classes!  With Valentine’s day approaching people are going to be wanting to look good and may be considering a boudoir session as that perfect gift!  Boudoir, it’s the perfect gift all year-long!

Happy Holiday’s from The Boudoir Place! 🙂


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