Boudoir for Couples

Photos by gré-Kelly Segré

Every so often a boudoir photographer will get a request to not just shoot a client for her significant other, but they will want to have a session with their partner.  Here are some tips that may help you if you ever run into this situation.

For those of you who also shoot weddings and engagement sessions, just think of a couples boudoir session the same way, just with fewer clothes!  It is all about creating intimacy, there is a fine line you must walk otherwise it could look way more risqué than it really is!  Remember the T’s, Tension, Touch, Tease.  You want them to touch, but you don’t want them just making out on a couch or a bed!  A soft touch of the hand to a shoulder and their lips almost touching creates a little bit of nervous tension between the couple, letting them touch noses but not kiss can create a natural smile and it shows their intimacy.  They can also tease each other, it is a balance of control, and who wants it more.

Shooting from above is a great way to get a different angle when photographing two people.  A great source of inspiration for this type of shoot is also from fashion magazines, they often use couples in advertisements.  One thing to think about as well is that in these magazine ads they are using a lot of studio lighting.  If you do not have a great deal of experience with studio lights, like with everything else, practice first with friends or find some “models” who are willing to experiment with you!

A couple’s boudoir session is about their connection to each other.  It can be anything from an intimate portrait together with a simple backdrop to an all out session in a hotel room suite.  Definitely talk with your clients and see what they are looking for from the session and then you can come up with a good solid game plan that works for everyone!  And don’t think you have to only photograph them on a bed to create intimacy.  It is hard enough photographing one person on a bed let alone two!  Get creative and use chairs, dressers, a car!  When photographing couples it opens up a whole new way to think of boudoir and the sky is the limit!

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  1. kitty maer says:

    So glad to see this post! One of my all time favourite photos is the one – the giant poster sized one – that was hanging on my friend’s wall above their mantle. It was a black and white, very grainy, with the tell-tale signs of a long slow shutter speed. The image is an extreme close up of C’s and her boyfriend’s faces – her eyes are closed, a tiny smile is playing at the corners of her mouth as he kisses her cheek while nuzzling her. At the time, C was a wound-up, high-strung, stressed out girl…her boyfriend was a recluse who rarely left the house and barely spoke to anyone. This one single semi-abstract image told the whole story of what they meant to each other and how they balanced each other out. He grounded her and she brought him to life. The photo was taken by a friend who walked in on them while they were in the bath tub together (totally innocent…no shenanigans….) No one would know this unless they were told. But THEY knew. Like Kelly said, intimacy is the key. It’s what will make your photos genuine. Go for it.

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