Boudoir Style

Photo by gré-Kelly Segré

It seems today that more and more people are looking at the style of a boudoir photographer’s work and noticing the differences between these individual photographers.  What does this say to you about your own style?  Some photographers will try to shoot everything and have a wide variety to try to please every client, while others try to stick with a solid look or a signature style.  What to do really depends on your market and who you want your clients to be.

Is your area over-saturated with boudoir photographers?  If so then maybe you need to think about specializing in a certain style of boudoir, something that not everyone can do the way you do it.  Maybe you already know how you want to shoot and what style you wish to portray, but if you are still undecided how do you seek out your inspiration?

Do not just look at other boudoir photographer’s work.  If you are trying to be unique then maybe you should broaden your horizons on where you look for inspiration.  Look at some of the “greats” of photography, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz but also look at art films.  Federico Fellini was known for his distinct style.  There is a commonality between filmmakers and photographers, we very often do share the same visions.

Even if you do not wish to stick with one signature look to your work, still seek out inspiration outside of boudoir photography.  It will push you to push your own work!

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  1. I agree, learn from others and use that knowledge to further develop yourself.

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