Question Everything

Photo by gré-Kelly Segré

Figuring out what you love to shoot is actually a big part of selling your photography to others.  With boudoir photographers at least you know the genre of photography you like to shoot, but what is going to make you different or better yet, what is going to make you unique?  If you were in a photography workshop shooting the same models with the same lighting set up as all of the other attending photographers, what would make your work unique?

Assuming you are in control of posing the model for your portion do you have a your own vision as to how you would like to pose people?  Or do you just talk to them and try to bring out their personality?

Using different methods of interacting with people will bring out different aspects of a person in the images.  If you do not know where to start then just start with what works naturally for you.  Do not think of them as models or clients at first, how would you act if you just met them in a social setting and you were suddenly left alone with them, how would you speak to them?  Just be natural and let your personality shine through, a smile can also be a great way to get someone to relax, once they are relaxed it’s all down hill from there!


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  1. A comfortable happy model is the key to a great shoot. Great post.

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