Boudoir Intensity

Photo by gré-Kelly Segré

With boudoir photography there are so many different ways to create a “sexy” feeling with your images.  Intesity is one that can really stand out with the right client.  Some women have a cute smile, some have a devilish grin, some just have an incredible amount of intensity and sensuality.

Don’t be afraid to explore the different emotions and expressions your clients may have.  An intense look can display the confidence a woman has, and most people will probably agree that confidence is definitely sexy!

For a dramatic effect and to really get that great look, one light source can be used.  Either a bare bulb, soft box or even natural light, they will all work!  Just have your subject far enough away from the background to allow the spill light to fade away.  The further your light source and subject are from the backdrop the darker the background will be.  It’s pretty simple and this allows you to focus on their intensity!  Of course this also works with a smile too! 🙂



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