Essence of Boudoir

Photo by gré-Kelly Segré

Boudoir photography is so much more than just sexy pictures.  Years ago it was just about creating glamorous images, looking sexy and being pretty in your lingerie or less.  Today boudoir photography is about capturing the essence of a woman, who she really is.  Boudoir can be empowering, uplifting and a great ego boost along with still being sexy!

Getting a real connection from your subject is something all photographers strive for.  When you get that real connection you just know that the images are going to be amazing, it’s like there is nothing you can do wrong when that happens.  So how do you get that connection?

It starts with being open yourself.  If you have an emotional wall up your clients will feel it.  Now, you don’t have to reveal all of your deepest darkest secrets but when you have an open mind and heart, the person in front of your lens will notice and this builds trust.  There is an old saying in the sales industry, when you are in a negotiation usually the first person to bend or to offer a compromise is the person who loses.  This is the opposite when building trust.  The first person to be open and inviting creates and open and inviting atmosphere.

To capture the essence of someone you must give them the opportunity to show their true selves in a safe and inviting environment.  Think of what makes you comfortable, sent, sound, touch and color.  Scented candles, music, fuzzy rugs or blankets and fun & sexy colors!  Give them the opportunity to share who they really are and they may just come back for more!


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