Stylized and Themed Boudoir Shoots

Photography by: Brooke Christl Photography

Article by The Boudoir Place

Have you ever wanted to change things up?   There are many different themes for you to photograph when it comes to boudoir photography.  You can do burlesque, pin-up, glamour, fine art or really anything you can think of!  The whole idea is to have a one day specialty shoot that can get you out of your norm.

A great way to find out what the women in your area would might want is to ask your past clients or see if you can get a feel of what other women may be talking about through the other businesses you network with.

Maybe one of your clients is infatuated with the 1950’s?  This is a great opportunity to offer up a vintage boudoir session!  Talking with your clients and finding out about them will allow you to make suggestions that can really help create a boudoir shoot that they will always remember!

When following a theme it is best if you can do everything you can do to stick to it!  For the session featured today Rainee is a very vintage girl!  She has been known to dress up as Marilyn Monroe!  She even had a vintage wedding, so she really wanted to follow through with the theme by giving a boudoir album as a gift to her groom, all in the same vintage theme as their wedding!

This is a great example of listening to your client’s needs and really coming through with everything they could have wanted!

Talking with your clients can create some of the best ideas you can have!  The other great thing about making a client happy with a stylized and themed shoot is that they will most definitely be sharing the photos with all of their friends!  What a great way to generate some word of mouth advertising!

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