The Perfect Gift!

Photos by: Caught You On Camera

Make up by: Beauty Faces

Article by: The Boudoir Place

So many times a bride will go to a boudoir photographer to help her create the perfect gift for her groom.  Sometimes they will wait to give him the gift on the wedding day, sometimes the wedding night and sometimes she just cannot wait and has to give it to him right away!

The excitement of a boudoir session can be almost intoxicating to your clients, for them it is very exciting and invigorating. With all of this energy it is easy to get lost in the shoot, not that it’s always a bad thing to get lost in a shoot!  But a good thing to remember is to capture all of your client, you are trying to help her create the perfect gift after all!

Boudoir photography is about the mood, sometimes photographers will focus on just the face or simply creating sexy portraits.  As a photographer of women you should also not be afraid to show their curves, show intimacy and find out what their favorite, or their man’s favorite body part is and add a little “sexy” to the session.  If your client is not really sure of what they want you can help them by coming up with a storyline, start with more clothing on and end it with very little.  The whole idea is to make it fun and give them a chance to show who they really are as a woman!

It doesn’t matter if you shoot in a hotel room or a studio or even a home!  Use the elements around you to help create the gift she so wants to give him!


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