10 Simple Things to Remember

Photo by: gré-Kelly Segré

Article by The Boudoir Place

When you find yourself in the middle of a boudoir session things can get a little crazy, especially if you are in the middle of mini-sessions or a boudoir marathon!  Sometimes you will not even notice something during the shoot that will drive you absolutely crazy in post-production!  It’s these little things that can really add or take away from an image.  So here is our list of things to remember!


1. Twisted lingerie / clothing (bra straps, turned down elastic)

A twisted bra strap is really distracting in a photograph, especially if it is a close up shot!  It can be fixed in Photoshop but it is so much faster and easier to make sure it is not even part of the shot to begin with.

2. Tags in Lingerie (when in doubt cut them out)

These little buggers are so easy to forget about!  Keep a pair of scissors on hand just as a reminder to yourself to get rid of them before they drive you crazy later!

3. Hands & Feet (watch for curled toes & clenched up fist)

Curled up toes and fists create tension, and not a good kind of tension!  Make sure your subject relaxes her toes and fingers, if the digits are relaxed then most likely your client is too!

4. Bending of the arms and knees (Create S curves with the body and make sure the arms & knees are bent…even if just slightly)

Joints are meant to bend!  A stiff arm or leg just is not as sensual as when you add some curve to them!  Women are full of curves, use their joints to help accentuate them!

5. Beware of ashy skin, especially at the joints (also have lotion accessible)

Dry skin can happen to anyone!  Keep a bottle of lotion nearby, maybe even a few placed at different areas of the studio for whenever it may be needed!

6. Lipstick on the teeth / Smudged Make Up

This is something that can be totally overseen accidentally!  Just make it part of your routine to check their teeth every so often.

7. Creases in the skin (have your clients stretch out)…most common places are the back and tummy, if it’s unavoidable use arm placement or prop to hide)

Everyone gets these!  Use posing techniques to either cover up the creases or elongate the body.  If they are looking over their shoulder use their hair to help hide the lines in the neck, or drop the wardrobe over the shoulder to eliminate any of those mid-back lines!

8. White Balance of Camera (say no to orange skin from hot lights)

No matter where you are this seems to be one that is easily forgotten!  We always say no to spray tans, let’s be sure to not give them one in the camera!

9. Shadows (Boudoir is best when there is some mystery involved and shadows, even if subtle create a great sense of ambiguity)

Let the shadows be your friend!  Using shadows to hide a “private” area or part of the body your client may be a little nervous about anyone else seeing is a great way to still have a sexy feel to the images while still letting your client be covered up!

10. Cropping of your framing..try not to crop your images at the joints (knees, wrists) and beware of cutting off fingers

Be aware of composition.  When an arm is cropped off at the elbow it has a tendency of looking amputated, same goes for knees and ankles.  Crop in-between the joints to keep the flow of the image.

Once you begin to become aware of these little things it will just become second nature to you!  And if you have never removed tags before, once you do it you will never go back!

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