Boudoir Hair and Make Up

Photos by gré-Kelly Segré

Article by The Boudoir Place

Many times clients will try to save money on their boudoir session by saying that they can do their own hair and make up.  The best way to explain to your client the difference between professional hair and make up and what they can do on their own is to actually show it on your website.  Even if you have to bring in a make up artist for a creative shoot just to show what can be done, this could pay off for you big time in the end!

Most woman can do their make for every day wear, but make up for photography, let alone boudoir photography, is entirely different!  A professional make up artist will understand the intensity of the lights photographer’s use and can apply make up properly to help eliminate shine.   There is so more than just making it easy on a photographer, a make up artist can create a timeless look, get creative with pin-up styles or a fashion look, and most of the time they are far better at putting on fake eye lashes!

Not to mention that sitting in the make up chair just adds to your client’s experience.  It is a great “warming up” time for them.  There is always a little bit of nervous energy when they first arrive for their shoot and a good conversation with your make up and hair person(s) can really get them ready for their time in front of the camera!

There is a process to creating great images and having a great team around you makes the process that much better!  If you show images on your website of well done and creative hair and make up it is that much easier for your client to understand the value of your entire team!

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