Boudoir & Body Parts

Photos by Caught You On Camera

Article by The Boudoir Place

With boudoir photography it can be very easy to get into a rut and start shooting the same poses with every client who comes through your doors.  Here is a little challenge for you to help you stay creative and thinking of new ways to shoot boudoir!

The challenge is to focus on body parts only!  You may partially do this already with your clients but the challenge is to do it with every client.  As you already know, all women come in all different shapes and sizes, so this is where you will have to get creative!  Focusing on the body parts, along with your regular routine, will help you look at the women who come to you in a different way and it will hopefully inspire you for future sessions as well.

Start with the face, what is stopping you from getting a really tight shot of the eyes or lips?  Combine the lips and the neck and start working your way down.  There are several sexy and sensual body parts on a woman, besides just the obvious!  What about the collar bones and a little cleavage?  The curve of the back, or even the back of her thigh can be sensuous.  Use the curves of her body for the composition of your shot. Get creative and let your imagination run wild!

The challenge is doing all of this while shooting your regular routine, this way you are giving your client the photos they know they were going to get from you plus a whole lot more!

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