Keeping it Positive!

Photo by gré-Kelly Segré

Article by The Boudoir Place

Answering your boudoir client’s questions can sometimes get a little redundant.  Some photographers do have their own FAQ page on their website but sometimes the best thing is to have a great “About” section on your site that can answer most of the questions that may come up.  Remember to keep your “About” section’s phrasing with the client in mind.  The women coming to your site are most likely not photographers or photographically inclined, so be sure to leave the “tech-talk” out for the most part.

Keep it inviting and friendly while still being very informative.  When it comes to pricing be sure to explain the difference between mini-sessions and a regular session.  One thing to remember is to always keep it positive and when discussing pricing, be sure to say what they do get in the higher packages, never say what they do not get in the lower packages.

This may sound like simple advice but these little things can definitely change a client’s perspective about your work!  Avoid using words like “don’t” and “can’t” and instead, find ways of rephrasing your sentence to include “do” and “can”, this will leave a positive impression on your potential client.  This is also a great reminder of how to keep a positive spin on your words when answering emails!

A good example of the difference between mini-sessions and full sessions would be to discuss the number of wardrobe and/or different looks you provide.  “All mini-sessions include professional hair and make up along with up to 3 wardrobe changes” … “All private sessions include, professional hair and make up (touch ups and multiple looks) and as many wardrobe changes possible!”  This is just a general statement, but it does show the difference between two types of sessions and can help avoid the simple question of “What is the difference between your sessions?”

Keeping it brief is another great way to ensure your client’s happiness.  Sometimes they may be looking up your website when they’re not suppose to be, like when they’re at work!  Short, simple, positive and brief!  Even if they can only come to your website for two minutes at a time you want them to want to keep coming back for another two minutes over and over again!

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