Boudoir & Being Seen!

Photos by gré-Kelly Segré

Article by The Boudoir Place

Most, if not all boudoir photographers will say they are passionate about their work and most of them really are!  But being passionate, creative and talented unfortunately are not enough these days.  To be a successful photographer in today’s market you need to first target your demographic and then figure out the best way to market to them directly.

Now once you find your target demographic how do you get them to hire you?  This has got to be one of the oldest questions in the business world!  This is where your ability to run a business must take over from you wanting to be a photographer.  Running a successful business and being a great photographer are two totally different things!  To be both takes a lot of extra work!  For now just focus on getting people in the door and getting them to hire you.

The best way to get people to know about you is to be seen.  Photography is a visual business and the marketing that goes along with it is visual as well.  But what about you?  Boudoir is a very personal experience for your clients and they want to think they are getting the best for their money.  It has been said that just thinking of yourself as the best will give you the confidence to become the best.  While this is a great motivational philosophy there needs to also be action with your thought process.  So here are some ways to be seen.

Blogging.  This has been done by many photographers, but who does it work for?  Blogging works best when it is consistent, or at least there are new posts frequently.  A good practice is to dedicate specific times and dates to your blog.  Upload new content frequently, a schedule is probably the best way to do this.  Also, interact with your readers, if they comment or have questions be sure to pay attention to the questions and answer them the best you can.  Replying to comments on your blog is a great way to get a conversation started!

Facebook Fan Pages.  This is good marketing if you are someone who likes to update things very frequently!  Facebook is a great site if you have daily posts and like to be very social!

With either a blog or a fan page be sure to keep the content relevent to your readers.  If your readers are potential boudoir clients then keep the technical photography talk out of the conversation.  Keep it upbeat and personable.  Relevance is the best way to keep your readers coming back for more.  They may not agree with everything you say but if it makes sense then they will return time and time again!  Also, if you use a fan page, encourage your readers and friends to share the link on their own personal page.  Sharing is one of the best “free” ways of marketing, it also creates a great buzz for your business!

Part of this type of marketing is not being afraid to show who you are as a person, business owner and a photographer.  It is a way to keep it professional with a touch of personality!

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