Who Made Boudoir Famous?

Photo by Jim Minics

Article by The Boudoir Place

The style of boudoir photography has been around for a very long time, you can look at old photos of Mae West or Jean Harlow and see the similarities even in today’s boudoir.  Ever since the camera was invented it seems as though people have wanted to take “sexy” photographs.  It makes sense, painters wanted to paint beautiful women, why wouldn’t a photographer want to take photographs of women too?

George Hurrell was the “inventor” of Old Hollywood Glamour style photography, this is a style you still see in photos today.  Helmut Newton was probably one of the most provocative mainstream photographers of the past 50 years.  His work graced the pages of fashion magazines worldwide and was also a guest photographer for Playboy magazine during his long career.  There are many fashion photographers today who are in fact inspired by the very same photographers who inspire boudoir photography.

There is actually a fine line between commercial, art, fashion and glamour with boudoir.  It is one of the only fields of photography where there really are no rules.  You can shoot everything from timid to wild and it all fits into the category.  You can photograph men or women or even couples.  There is no one style, you can use a studio or a hotel room and there are some photographers who will actually shoot boudoir styles outside!

So who made boudoir photography famous?  This is a question that will go unanswered because for every answer you can come up with there is probably someone out there who did it first or who inspired that specific person.  So really there is a long history of boudoir in the world.  So the next time you find yourself looking at a painting by Sandro Botticelli you just may be looking at one of the greatest inspirations to today’s boudoir photography craze!   So maybe the question shouldn’t be who created it, but who inspires you?

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  1. I wouldn’t call him the inventor, everynoe was doing it back then, he just did it way better, I’d call him more of the Grand Master, than the inventor.

  2. Trends and popular art forms are not usually the result of one idea in a pure form.
    There are so many factors or precursors that come beforehand. It’s like saying MTV
    invented the music video. The Beatles and Monkeys had made tons of music videos
    before MTV. MTV created a platform and coined it a name. – cable networks were the precursor for music videos. – todays’ boudoir photography would never be so popular without the history of the 50’s pinup girl and other factors as the wedding photography industry, where boudoir photos became very popular. Other factors; the internet, social media, digital photography, military brides and more importantly the empowerment of the modern women. These photographs unlike other periods such as baroque nude paintings, pinup, and playboy spreads, are not being dictated by men. Today’s women seems to be doing it for herself and on her own terms.

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