Keeping it Simple & Staying Creative!

Photo by MSM Portraits

Article by The Boudoir Place

There comes a time in every photographers career, often more than once, when they feel like they have either hit a wall or a mental block of creativity.  It is not just boudoir photographers who feel this way, probably every type of photographer will at one time or another think to themselves “have I done everything already?”  These mental blocks usually go away quickly, but when they do not what do you do to move forward and not dwell on your lack of creativity?

Simplicity is the easiest answer!  Look back at classic images, anywhere from the golden era of Hollywood to simple portraits in Vanity Fair.  When you feel like you just cannot create anymore just tone it down a notch.  There is really no need to over-think or to brainstorm for hours to come up with a new and fresh idea.  Just set up a shoot with a friend or a model or even a client that is just fun and not too technical.

Natural light in a bedroom with minimal wardrobe, it has been done before but it is classic and timeless!  Not to mention, do you know anyone who really does not like this type of shot?  One light with a seamless backdrop or a canvas backdrop, once again, timeless.  This type of photography has been around for decades and it just never seems to go out of style.  Look at the work of Richard Avedon or Annie Leibovitz, they have even taken a seamless backdrop and set it up outside in open shade, just using the natural light as their only light source.  Sometimes thinking outside of the box does not have to be an outlandish idea, it can be as simple as stepping outside or opening up the blinds.

Look around you and see what is at your disposal, where is the light coming from?  If you had to shoot in the room you are sitting in right now, where is the best light or how would you disguise the surroundings.  Let your mind be creative and let yourself be inspired by everything you see.  Challenge yourself to shoot within one mile of your home or studio, find out what is available to you, you will see that getting creative does not take a huge adventure or massive amounts of research on your part.  The most creative option might be right next door or just down the street!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa says:

    So proud of my bebe sister.
    Seriously…she’s an amazing person…sweet, thoughtful, generous, fiercely loyal to her family, courageous, creative, talented, not to mention, an incredible mother. I strongly believe that a good photographer understands what it means to be a real person, and that without these traits, could not possibly succeed in the real world. Marianne is as realistic as they come. She’s never afraid to try new things, and stands behind her work. I love you, sister…and am so very proud of you. Muah!

  2. Mary Plyler says:

    Very nice!

  3. David Thiel says:

    MSM Portraits does wonderful work on families and especially children. DKT

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