At Home Boudoir!

Photography by Sherri J Photography

Article by The Boudoir Place

Boudoir photography really has no specific rules set for it.  There are several boudoir photographers who will set up shoots in hotel rooms, rent studios on a day-to-day basis or even rent a vacation home and schedule all of their sessions in a short period of time.  Another option to consider is your client’s home.  Sometimes clients will never feel more comfortable than in their own home!  This is always a great option for you to consider as a photographer.  It is a new environment to you and it can let you really get creative in ways you may have never thought.  It is especially great when your client’s home has gorgeous natural light coming in!

Seeing your client’s home can also give you great insight as to who they are as a person.  It is a great way to start a conversation about the photos on their wall or if you really like the furniture in their bedroom!  This automatically gives you something to talk about with them besides the boudoir session, let them warm up and get even more comfortable with you!

When you see what their home or apartment looks like it is really easy for you to judge whether or not this will be a fun and flirty session or a super dark and seductive type of session.  Your client’s personality can definitely show through even more in their own place.  Not to mention that their confidence can also be much higher when they are familiar with their surroundings!  Homes can be a wonderful shooting location.  You can shoot sexy lingerie in the bedroom, a bubble bath in the tub, in just a sexy apron in the kitchen and maybe just a small blanket (with nothing else on) on the living room couch!  Being open to shooting at your client’s home can offer you sets and a studio you may have never thought of before!

You can see with the above photo series provided by Sherri J Photography, that you can achieve great results by shooting in a client’s home!

The greatest thing about being a boudoir photographer is that you never have to limit yourself!  You can photograph almost anywhere and come out with results that your clients will love!

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