Bridal Boudoir

Photography by FRESH Photography

Make Up by Emily Kjelshus

Venue Sweet Dreams Heritage Inn

Article by The Boudoir Place

Bridal boudoir photography is a little bit different from regular boudoir photography.  The theme of the wedding plays a crucial part in they way you will be photographing this particular boudoir session.  A great example is of today’s photos.  A bride who is getting married at a Bed & Breakfast with a vintage style, there is a certain amount of elegance and subtlety that must be taken into consideration when composing these images.

This type of boudoir is not just about creating sexy images for her husband to remember her on their wedding day, these images are just as much for the bride as they are the groom, if not more!  A bride plans her wedding day for months, sometimes years!  With all of the thought and emotion of this special day it is your job as a boudoir photographer to not just capture the images in the style of her wedding, but to capture the emotion and the entire essence of these moments before she puts on her wedding gown.

A lot of bridal boudoir sessions do happen on the day of the wedding so your time may be very limited and you may have to work around hustling bridesmaids and other vendors as well.  Other times, if you are lucky, you will have a bride who will want to do her boudoir session ahead of time, setting aside enough time without distraction for her shoot!  But if you are shooting her session on the day of the wedding the best thing to do is communicate with your bride before the day of the shoot.  Find out all you can about the location, about what she is wearing and really the whole theme of the day.  Bridal boudoir sessions may take a little more effort on your part in the planning stage but it definitely helps when it comes to the wedding day!  Not only will this help you be prepared for the shoot, it will also help keep you and the bride focused as well!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this idea, and you have done such a great job, giving us a fresh, sophisticated look, really beautiful. thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. photofresh says:

    Honored for the feature @The Boudoir Place!
    And thanks for that J! This is a wedding & portrait photographer making her entree into the world of boudoir with a bit of a different flavor. But isn’t that all we can offer – our own flavor | style? Thank you, on behalf of FRESH, Makeup by Emily Kjelshus, Sweet Dreams Heritage Inn & Pink Poppy!

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