Mix It Up Boudoir!

Photography by Tara Lynn Sen Photography

Hair by Rachel Glynn Flaherty  Make Up by Noel Mckinnon

Article by The Boudoir Place

There are times when you have a client who walks in the door and you will immediately have an idea of exactly how you want to photograph them!  When these moments happen sometimes it is best just to go with your instinct.  This is what happened when Tara Lynn Sen saw her client walked in the door, and her hair and make up artist (Rachel and Noel) both agreed instantly, old Hollywood glamour!

This is a great example of how mixing new techniques with an older style can really benefit you and your client.  Just because you style a shoot for a certain look does not mean you have to stick to a certain rule or only shoot that one style.  Mix it up, bring some modern posing into the vintage looks, some may work some may not, but this is a great opportunity to really express your creative side!  There is nothing wrong with adding a little bit of seduction, a little bit of sexy or adding a sultry modern edge, like Tara did, to a vintage style session.

Boudoir photography is about capturing the mood for your client, it is so much more than just pretty pictures.  You are helping your client express how they feel about themselves whether this is with an old Hollywood style or fine art nudes!  Never limit your creativity based on a certain look, feel free to mix and match different looks from different types of photography, add some fashion, add some glamour, all this does is add to your client’s experience!

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