A Boudoir Playground!

Photography by gré-Kelly Segré

Hair and Make Up by Cupids Bow Make Up

Article by The Boudoir Place

Boudoir photography is probably the only style of portrait photography where anything goes!  This also means that adults are allowed to act like kids again!  When photographing your clients don’t be afraid to have them play around and have fun with different types of props.  A great place to find props is at your local thrift stores.  The rocking horse used in today’s photo only cost $3.95 and was found a local thrift store!

Getting creative with paint and items found in a thrift store can completely alter your photo studio into a boudoir playground.  You can often find daybeds, brass bed frames, vintage clothing and lingerie, hats, sunglasses and a nearly unlimited assortment of other types of potential props!  When shopping for props this can also be a great source of inspiration of ideas you may have never even thought of before.

Your search is not just limited to thrift stores, you can find boudoir treasures at garage sales, flea markets and consignment stores.  Sometimes the best props are the ones that cost the least, don’t feel like you have to spend hundreds of dollars to create a set in your studio.  Aside from props another great place to find backdrops is at the fabric store!  There are certain patterns that come in 36″ or 48″ widths which is plenty wide enough to photograph someone on.  The best ways to hang these fabrics is to either use an upolstery staple gun and pull the fabric tight against a wall or you can use starch.  Soak the fabric with starch and then tack it to the wall, when it drys it will remain stiff and without wrinkles!

So just remember that another person’s discarded items may be the perfect prop for your boudoir client!  Have fun treasure hunting!

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