Editorial Boudoir

Photography by Chelsea Maras

Article by The Boudoir Place

There is definitely a huge trend in fashion style boudoir right now, but what about a fashion editorial style of boudoir?  Editorials are about telling a story with photographs.  Most magazines have articles and photos that go together but there are several magazines out there who will just show images to tell the story rather than words.  This type of session is a fun way to let your client’s own unique personality shine through, which allows them to be effortlessly sexy and confident all at the same time!

Part of editorial fashion style photography that makes it so impactful is the way it is stylized.  The way the clothing fits, the accessories chosen, even if this is something you swear you would never wear out in public because it may be too low-cut or just too revealing yet in an editorial photograph it looks like it just works perfectly for every occasion.

Another way to think of your boudoir sessions is as a narrative.  Using the images to tell the story you and/or your client have come up with from beginning to end.  This was very popular in the early 1970’s when even magazines like Playboy would release special issues of narrative stories or mildly erotic tales.  You of course do not need to take it too far to tell your story, but this is just another great source of inspiration for your boudoir photography!

Once again it just comes down to opening up the creativity in your own mind.  Sometimes coming up with a story can lead you down a path of discovery that you may have never thought of before!

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