A Boudoir Summer!

Photography by gré-Kelly Segré

Article by The Boudoir Place

With the gift giving holidays over and Valentine’s Day still 11 months away now you can focus on your spring and summer boudoir sessions!  Boudoir does literally mean bedroom, but the broad range of boudoir photography can be taken to all new places!  There are several women out there who are getting in shape for summer and bikini season, there is no reason why you cannot have summer boudoir bikini days!

Boudoir photography is about making your clients feel good and have a great experience.  One way to get return clients is to offer up some different types of sessions.  A great inspiration of styles can come from fitness magazines, several different fashion magazines and even the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue!  Bikinis and beach wear are very similar to lingerie, so why not find a way to offer this type of session, you never know, you just may get some all new clientele out of it!

Some women may honestly not want to be photographed in their lingerie, maybe they workout hard at the gym and are more interested in a sexy shoot in their “workout” clothes.  After all, even Victoria’s Secret is selling sweat pants, and if a lingerie store is selling workout clothes, then maybe there are some women and men out there who will find it sexy!

The goal is to keep your summer busy with boudoir!  If you network with a local gym or spa this could be the perfect way to book those long days of summer with some steamy photo sessions!

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  1. Great picture today! I’ve been enjoying your blog. I’ve no interest in doing boudoir, but your technique and use of light are excellent.

    1. Kelly Segre says:

      Thank you! 🙂

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