The Simpler Side

Photography by gré-Kelly Segré

Hair and Make Up by Cupids Bow

Article by The Boudoir Place

With so many options open to boudoir photographers sometimes even the simplest of ideas will be forgotten.  It is easy to get swept away in the fun with all of the glitz and glamour that goes on with a boudoir session.  Sometimes all you need is some natural light and a prop, or maybe one light, a window and a hat.  Sometimes an empty space can bring out your client’s personality more than a big stylized set.  It all depends on how you read your client.

Keeping it simple can often be hard to do, as if you only wish to work with natural light you are really dependent upon the weather!  A cloudy day can ruin your entire shoot!  But for those days when you can shoot with natural light here are some ideas to try out!

For years photographers have been putting their subject near windows, how many shots have you seen in your life of someone leaning close to a window and turning their head towards the camera?  This type of shot happens a lot simply because it is gorgeous soft light!  Open shade, or a north facing window lets in really soft light and it is very flattering to the skin!  If you have sunlight coming directly into the window then you have other options, you can either place your subject against an opposing wall so they are front lit or you can diffuse the light with a white sheet or curtain.

The photos for today’s blog were shot with all natural light!  There is a 9′ x 30′ white muslin backdrop clamped over the north facing sliding doors of the studio.  This allows in soft, diffused light and when exposed properly adds a very nice back light to your subject!

When using natural light like this it allows you to work with your client and capture them as they move and lets you take photos as they happen without the worry of a strobe misfiring!  Keeping it simple can actually allow you to get even more creative!  You don’t need the most expensive studio lighting to be a boudoir photographer, sometimes all you need is a little ingenuity and some A clamps!

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  1. Kelly these are some great natural light shots! However here in Washington with all the rain we only have about a 2 month window for the sun, lol!

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