Using Models in Your Portfolio

Photography by Angela Y. Martin of Gemini Photography

Article by The Boudoir Place

Part of being a boudoir photographer is showing your creativity, this is one of the many different ways you can stand out from your competition.  There have been discussions in the past regarding the use of models in boudoir photographer’s portfolios rather than just actual clients and what is the correct way to display your work.  While using actual clients can be great and if you feel your current clients are coming to you based on the fact that you show only actual paying clients in your portfolio then definitely keep on doing what is working for you!  But one thing to remember is that some boudoir clients might not want their intimate photos on display for the whole world to see!

One of the arguments surrounding this debate is that some photographers say if you are showing models it must be because you do not have any real clients and you are trying to just “fake it ’til you make it”.  This may not always be the case, and in fact it may not be the case at all for some photographers.  Working with models allows you total freedom as a photographer to expand your portfolio and to try out those creative thoughts in your head that you may not want to try for the first time with an actual client.  Plus if you get a great image from working with a model you know you can put it up on your website and in your portfolio to show off the work you do!

Showing models on your website is not about just showing a great looking person, it is about showcasing your ability as a photographer.  Your portfolio should show your best work, it not only shows what you have already done but it also shows what you are capable of doing.  You should not limit yourself simply because of what other photographers might think of you.  Remember, it is what your clients think of you that matters!

There are also some very high-end boudoir photographers who show only models on their website, their angle is that part of the service they provide is total privacy.  They work with models to show what they can do for their clients and never post any images of their clients on their site or blog.  Privacy can be very important to some people!

The best thing to do is to really consider what type of images you wish to show to the world.  There is no one right way to display your work and there are many things to consider when putting together your portfolio.  Look around at other photography websites, see what is on display.  You will find that commercial photographers often have a gallery dedicated to their personal work or to art projects that really have nothing to do with what they may do for a living.  It is about showing what your capabilities are and what your vision is all about.  This may or may not work for you with your boudoir business, it is simply just one more option for you to consider.  It is about find what works best for you and your clients!

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