Boudoir & Maternity Photography

Photography by Carlise

Article by The Boudoir Place

Maternity photography has really been making its way into the boudoir photography market.  The main reasons behind this is that women are realizing that maternity photos are intimate photos and who would be better at photographing intimate photos than boudoir photographers!

These types of sessions should really make you realize that boudoir is not only about fun, glitz and glamour, it is also about intimacy and beauty.  It is about making a woman feel her best whether she has never been pregnant, 7 months along or if her children are already graduated from college!  While boudoir is definitely a fun and enjoyable type of photography session, and it still can be fun and exciting when shooting maternity photos, this is also a great time to help someone remember the joy and happiness they are experiencing while being pregnant.

Boudoir photography is still portrait photography.  And with portrait photography it is the photographer who also gets to bask in the enjoyment of creating memories and capturing moments that will last a lifetime.  Maternity sessions do not always have to be sentimental and boudoir sessions do not always have to be sexy, but there does seem to always be a sense of intimacy involved.  These are moments your clients choose to share with you, this is just one more reason why you should love what you do!

Not all boudoir photographers wish to shoot maternity sessions and vice versa. But if you look at it from a different perspective you may see that sometimes the emotion and the intimate connection can be the same with both styles.  If you have never tried to photograph a maternity session before, maybe now is the time to try?

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