Boudoir Style

Photography by Gaby J Photography

Make up by Celina Osborn

Article by The Boudoir Place

When it comes to boudoir photography there are several different pathways for you to venture down.  With everything from glamour to film noir styles out there it is difficult to cater to every type of boudoir client out there.  Just like with wedding and portrait studios, sometimes you have to choose a style of photography and really make your images a signature for your style in your community.  There are some photographers who will be able to give their clients any and every style of boudoir they can think of, but for the most part, most photographers will not have the space nor the desire to want to shoot every style of boudoir.

So how do you go about defining your style?  It starts with you!  It is not just about what style of photography you really enjoy shooting, but your work is also about you and what type of clients you want.  Style is more than just the imagery you show, it is a calling card for you and your studio.  If you are networking with a lingerie boutique or a gym and there are several other boudoir photographers who are doing the same thing, what is going to make you stand out?  For some, honestly, it may who has the best price, but for others it will be who has the style they want to be photographed in.

Stylizing your work does have its advantages.  If your clients are booking you based on price alone then they may not fully understand what style of boudoir it is you shoot and they may be expecting that all boudoir photographers are the same.  When you stylize your work your clients not only book you based on your work but they are fully aware of what the images may look like at the end of the session.  Another advantage to having a unique style is that it brands you and your work.  When people see it they may begin to recognize your work over and over!

Creating your own unique style of boudoir can be difficult, a little scary and frustrating at times.  But in the end it all comes down to standing apart from the competition and making a name for yourself and your studio.

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