Boudoir Does Not Mean Nude :)

Photography by Veronica Varos Photography

Article by The Boudoir Place

There are many different markets for boudoir photography.  One of the biggest misconceptions from your clients is that they feel they have to get undressed to be photographed in a boudoir style.  This is so not the case!  Boudoir photography is not about nudity, it is about a mood and a feeling that you help your clients create with images.  There are several ways for your clients to look and feel sexy without taking their clothes off!

Leggings are back and in style, these can be a great asset to use if your client does not want to show off any leg, for any reason.  They can help with the shape, hide any flaws and maybe just make your client feel like she is wearing something.  And just like with any other type of people photography, if your subject feels uncomfortable it will show in the images!

Get creative!  Look at older men’s magazines for inspiration if you have to, or older fashion magazines.  There was a time when nothing was sexier than a cardigan sweater and knee-high socks!  Wardrobe can add so much to a boudoir shoot, don’t be afraid to experiment and go with different themes too.  A fuzzy jacked that looks like there is nothing on underneath, tights with a man’s button up shirt.  Sexy is not just for those who want to show some skin!

By showing images in your portfolio that range from very little to no clothing all the way up to fully dressed, you are opening yourself up to much wider audience, even one that may have never considered a boudoir session before!  It has been said time and time again, feeling sexy is being sexy!  Sure, sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is more too!  Don’t be afraid to be a tease with your images, there is definitely something to be said for leaving something to the imagination.  And you never know, you may have someone come in for a more “conservative” session and eventually return for something a little more risqué in the future.  Take your client’s comfort zone into consideration and you can definitely add a whole new list of potential clients to your market!


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  1. Thanks so much!

    Awesome advice. 🙂

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