A Boudoir Escape

Photography by gré-Kelly Segré

Article by The Boudoir Place

Boudoir photography is really nothing new to the world of photography.  As long as people can remember, photographers have been photographing women in a style that would definitely be considered “boudoir” by today’s standards.  Just take a look at the photos of Marilyn Monroe or Jane Mansfield, those were mainstream movie stars who would pose for photographers in a way that probably actually inspires many photographers to this day!  Not to mention that it was considered very risqué for the day!

This really is so relevant to boudoir photographers of today.  Boudoir is not a new thing, it is just now more mainstream and more acceptable to be talked about at the dinner table than ever before!  What was once considered to be taboo is now something that many women get excited over and often times come back for repeat photo sessions!  Women are not just having photos taken for their husbands but they are doing it for themselves just as much as for anyone else.

In a way, boudoir is inspiration.  It inspires a sexy, playful mood and a healthy way to showcase the beauty of women.  Boudoir is not just about getting sexy for your man, it is about getting sexy for yourself!  There are many photographers out there who have gone to other photographers for their own boudoir session just for the experience and to get some great photos of themselves!  You are not just selling great photos to your clients, you are selling the whole experience.  The chance to feel glamorous for a day and to feel like a movie star!  This whole thing called boudoir is so much bigger than just a typical photo session.  While it is still portraiture, it is intimate, it is a time for your client to play dress up (or dress down) and it is a time dedicated just to them.  No kids, no boss over their shoulder, no cell phones, it can be a total escape from their every day life as it should be!

Sometimes if you step back and look at images of the past from some of your favorite photographers you can find your own inspiration for your own boudoir sessions.  If you find your inspiration it is also easier for you to inspire your clients while photographing them.  Even if you have never had your own boudoir session, just put yourself in your client’s shoes for a minute.  They may start out nervous, but just think about the experience you would like to give them with the time they spend with you.  If it were you, how would you want to feel at the end of the session?  Now do everything you can to try to deliver that feeling to all of your clients every time!  Photography is not just about creating beautiful images, it is also about capturing the memories and the emotions that people experience.  Whether it is fun, cute, sexy or a gritty fashion boudoir session, every woman deserves to have her time in the spotlight, and if you are lucky, you are the person that gets to put her there!

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