New Year for The Boudoir Place!


Photography by : Kelly Segré

Article by : Kelly Segré, The Boudoir Place

2012 was a busy year, with that the Boudoir Place ended up being a little neglected by us! Well for 2013 we hope to give you a ton of new resources, so with that we have made a little resolution list. As always if you are interested in contributing with images, articles, or  being the featured photographer email us at

Ten 2013 Resolutions for The Boudoir Place!

1. Present a minimum of three informative articles for boudoir photographers per week

2. Feature more amazing boudoir photographers around the world

3. Feature other vendors and resources that can help boudoir photographers

4. Write about personal boudoir photography experiences

5. Start a Q & A section for boudoir photographers….so start emailing us your questions!

6. Regularly feature new posing tips for different body types & women!

7. Come up with new and exciting lighting tips to feature.

8. Have updates with the latest trends in boudoir photography

9. Show more products that are perfect for boudoir photographers

10.  Get Creative!

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